Short Bit on Evangelism

One of the questions I have been struggling with for years is why should we evangelize? I know that we should, but I could never come up with a core answer that I was satisfied with. I wondered, should we evangelize because we love others and don’t want to see them go to hell, should we evangelize because we love God and want to share Him with others? Whereas I thought those were good answers, I wasn’t satisfied with them.

Just the other day I was thinking about it again, and it finally hit me. There are three things I know to be true about God, one, that He is a loving God, two, that He is a jealous God, and three, God cannot be in the presence of sin. What this means to me is this, God wants us all to be saved, He wants us all to enter an eternal relationship with Him, but God can’t have that because of our sin. God is so pure, and we are so sinful, that we would burn in His presence. That’s why He had to send His Son down as a sacrifice for our sin so that we can be made pure before Him. It is only through His Son that we can be made sinless before God. I believe that is also why we can’t have God dwell here among us in the flesh like we so often crave, we would burn in His presence. I believe that is another reason why Jesus had to be made human. I believe that is why the devil seems so powerful to us, because he is ‘god of this world,’ the devil can live in this sinful place.

Our God loves us so much though that despite our sins, He still wants to call us home to Him. That is why it is our job to evangelize. God’s actual presence would destroy us, so it is our duty to be His witness.

And how is this done?

Think of your favorite leader, or simply your favorite person. When you tell others about them, what do you tell them? Do we tell others how much they don’t like this, that or the other thing? Or do you tell them what that person does to make you appreciate them? Especially with a favorite leader, do you tell everyone the things they hate, or do you tell them about all the good things they do, do you tell them about all the qualities that make them a good leader? For me, when I have a favorite leader, I love telling other people about all the good qualities about them.

What I noticed about the bible and God, is I often see people tell everyone what the bible is against, what God doesn’t like, and why they need to change their ways. Why can’t we tell others about what God has done for us? Why can’t we tell others about the healing He has down in our hearts? The new life He has given us? The second chances He gives us daily? That He blesses us daily simply because He loves us? Why can’t we tell others more about what God has done for you personally instead of what God disapproves of? Everybody knows what the bible condemns, but nobody seems to know what God can do for us.