Friday’s Featured Blogger

Friday’s Featured Blogger is Cinhosa. You can find a link to his blog here. Cinhosa was the first person outside of my personal friend Anna to follow me, and comment on one of my blogs. At first I was a little wearily of him because he was Catholic, and I had it built in me that Catholics were just bad. However I did like what I saw on his blog so I decided to follow him. Since than my entire perspective on Catholics have changed. I have a huge amount of respect for them. They are nothing what I thought they were to be. But as for Cinhosa, He is a very humbled man, he loves his wife and son very much, and is indeed a very wise man. I very much look forward to reading his posts everyday.

If anything, I would strongly suggest reading his testimony as to why he converted to Catholicism. You can find that here. He, like many other Christians, was very uncomfortable with the Catholic Church and feared it. That’s all I am going to say to the story because I strongly encourage for you to read it yourself.

To sum Cinhosa up, his love for the Lord is very evident, as well as his passion to be closer to God! I wish for there to be more people like him in the world.


Friday’s Featured Blogger (New Updates)

Aside from going through Proverbs everyday, I want to add a couple more things to my blog. Friday’s Featured Blogger, and Tuesday’s Tunes. The names may be a little corny, but hey, what’s life without a little fun?

I think the names sum it up pretty well. Friday’s Featured Blogger, will be a blogger, or blog in particular, that I would like to encourage to other readers. Tuesday’s Tunes will consist of one or two of my favorite songs of the week. It’s pretty simple, but just an attempt to help interact, and for you to get to know me a little.

Friday’s Featured Blogger: catholicboyrichard

Mr. Richard Evans started following me 4 weeks ago when he spotted my blog post, Jesus is a Jerk! Immediately I looked into him and I came across his life testimony right away. You can find it here. After I finished reading his testimony I gained a deep respect for this man. I won’t give away the spoilers of his testimony, but I loved reading about his strength, discipline, and integrity to the Lord. He has struggled with a certain issue, but instead of giving into it, he sought out the scriptures. I’ll stop there, and let you read the whole story for yourself. I appreciate this man for the struggles he has gone through internally, and how he seeked to resolve them. He is in inspiration to us all.