Basic Training Excerpt: 17JUN14

17JUNE14 14:30(ish?)

Dear God you’re great! I know you know this, I know I’ve told you that but you simply great! Yesterday with the mail blew my mind. We weren’t suppose to get mail yesterday but I prayed for it cause it was my birthday and for some reason I knew you would provide cause I’ve realized that nothing is impossible and because you love me. So despite everybody saying we won’t get mail until next week, I kept my confidence in you and sure enough it was here. Thank you for being with me. 🙂 I’ve just learned from basic training that you are my single source of hope and peace for everything I do and with that, I have nothing to fear at all. You are with me. All I have to do now to share your Word is be a Godly man and show character, because I know with you and conversations about you is powered by you. so now sharing Your Word is something that I’m excited about not feared. Now it is just becoming something that is a natural part of life. Soon it will be a natural part of conversation. I’m really happy about this. There is just no reason to doubt God, You, especially when I get to see first hand your power on a daily basis. Thanks for choosing me, even before the foundation of the world. I give you my body, my mind, my soul. Use me for your will Lord, take me to where I’m needed.

Love you, goodnight.

Joshua Huffman

19JUNE14 20:35

— Also, I am really starting to get down by the fact that we have mail, but my drill sergeants are the only sergeants not handing out mail at the time. I keep hearing about how our letter bin is full of letters, but for whatever reason we’re not getting them and I don’t know, it’s just hard. I want to hear from someone. I want to communicate with home. Thank you that I always have you and that no one can take you away from me! Please me with me, I love you, goodnight!

[Only shared small excerpt from June 19th for the sake of the story that will be posted tomorrow]


Basic Training Excerpt: 15JUN14

15JUNE14 16:55

Dear God,

Today has been very chill and I’ve received my medication, thanks. Help me to continue to be able to take my meds at the time I’m suppose to be. I really can’t wait to feel better. As you know, tomorrow is my birthday. Thank you for being with me all these years and calling me closer to Your kingdom. Thanks for giving me You. It’s really more than I could ever ask for. Church today was really confusing. I’ve been praying about it & looking forward to it for two weeks now. But we were 40 mins later, we arrived [scribbles can’t read. Looks like ‘ter and sorry that was sorry like’] we were Southern Baptist. The sermon I fell asleep through, and that was the end. I wasn’t able to grow closer to you at all and I’m just confused on what the point was. Help me to understand. I don’t know, but help me to grow in you and bring you to the people here, especially those that use you as a ‘man card’ and not a real relationship. Help them to see you in me. I really want to be the light.

Love you,

Joshua Huffman

P.S. help make it so that I may receive my first letter tomorrow on my birthday. That would be awesome. I just want to hear from someone from home.

Basic Training Excerpt: 21JUN14

21JUNE14 19:47

So I’m going to write a little differently tonight, I want to write more on a reflection of what I have learned at basic thus far. I’m going to call today’s review, “Whom Shall I Fear.” — What do I fear and worry about in life? Right now for me it’s Drill Sergeants and getting mail. Drill Sergeants act like they are our god. And essentially they are. They control every last little thing we do. The only thing we have control of is our thoughts and even that, they can have some kind of control of. If we don’t do what they say they can punish us through working out for as long and as hard as they want. It is very easy to be stressed out by them and to fear them and even more, give them control of how they make us feel. It’s really easy to give them control after two hours of working out and you are at complete muscle failure and they are still yelling at you. They act like they are god and it is all to easy to give them that control over us. But check this, Luke 15:13, “May the God of hope fill you with ALL joy & peace in believing.” On top of that, who created life, and who can do all things? Who holds control of our soul? Is it our drill sergeants? No. It’s God above. What we have to realize is, no matter how much control our drill sergeants, or really anyone, has over us, their power over us was given to them by God. Like Pontius Pilate & Jesus. Pilate really had no say whether or not Jesus would be crucified, that control was in God’s hands. He just used Pilate for His will. The thing is, no one, no situation, nothing has control over us that is not God or has been given by God. It doesn’t matter how bad a situation is, God can do anything but you got to have faith that He can & will. Look at the characters in the bible, especially during Jesus’ time. One women was healed simply because she had faith if she touched Jesus’ robes that she would be healed, and several people who were dead[when writing this, I head dead people confused with sick people], were raised to life simply cause someone had enough faith to seek Jesus for help. We have to make our requests known to God. At basic over and over gain, I’ve been doing that and God has been providing. The time that comes to mind[found here] first is when our drill sergeant was super mad at us. He told us we were going to die tonight cause he was going to smoke us all night when we get back to our bay. So I prayed right away and I felt this reassurance from God that He would take care of it through His power & we wouldn’t have to get smoked. So a few hours pass & we get back to the bay. Our drill sergeant is still mad and promises we won’t be getting any sleep cause he will be smoking us all night. So he has all line up to get smoked. I pray again and remembered what God had told me earlier, so I kept faith. Then our drill sergeant had to go downstairs. He left and we were all dead silent. He came back up maybe 15 mins later. He tells us all to go to bed and that we are lucky because the commander told him we have to go to bed and that he’s not allowed to smoke us that night. The thing is we have to have faith. There is nothing in any situation that He can’t do. We have to realize who really has control. It’s God. Nothing else in life. Nothing. If our God is for us, who can stand against?

— An hour before I wrote this, I was a little depressed because our drill sergeant had left already without getting us our mail which would mean we would have to wait until monday night to get our mail. I’ve been waiting all week to hopefully get mail. Well, as soon as I finished writing, ‘Who can stand against’ I put this notebook away. Then 2 mins later, a different drill sergeant came up into our bay and gave us our mail! I was ecstatic, but it gets even better. I only got one letter, and it was from my parents for my birthday. The card had just arrived today! All week long I’ve been praying that our drill sergeant would hand out our mail, but he never did. Today I got mail, so a different drill sergeant came up and gave us our mail.

I can’t imagine how depressed I would have been if everyday we got handed our mail and I wouldn’t have gotten anything until today. There are two lessons I learn from this. Again, God is always in control looking out for us and that nobody can stand in the way of Him and two, patience. God is faithful to our prayers when we have faith and trust in Him. But sometimes we need to wait, be patient because the timing just ins’t right yet and He is protecting us. If we are faithful to Him in the small things, He will be faithful to us in the big things even though we don’t deserve it. If our God is for us, who can stand against?

Basic Training Excerpt: 14JUN15

Excerpt from Basic Training:


Dear God,

Three emotions: Tired , Peaceful, Actually, let’s just leave it at two. I’ll start with tired. I’ve been so sick lately and my body has had so many different problems, no sleep and I’ve lost 10-15 pounds already. I’m just exhausted but honestly, that’s really minor compared to the peace you’ve given me. The amount of times you’ve answered my prayers is crazy. Tonights dinner situation blew my mind, which it shouldn’t have admittedly. I get in line for chow and not knowing what we could be eating, I prayed for your blessing and for you to provide me with my favorite choices since we aren’t allowed to choose. So I prayed for you to give me the best and I decided that even if I didn’t get what I wanted, I would trust that you would give me what’s best for me. So I got to the food and I got served everything I didn’t want, but I thought, “Hey, that’s fine because I prayed and am trusting you.” I go sit down and so did a bunch of others, then randomly someone like six people down said, “Hey, Huffman! You want to switch plants?” I looked at what he had and it was everything I wanted! Thank you so much for providing to me all ways. It’s seriously overwhelming. Thank you. Love you so much!



Oh yeah, and just a few days ago our drill sergeant was super mad at us and told us he was going to kill us that night and keep us up all night working out constantly, and that some of us would quit for sure. So obviously I prayed to you and you told me to just trust you no matter what, so I did. Well we got back to our rooms at midnight and our drill sergeant puts us on the line to smoke us all night. I remembered to trust you, so I did. He leaves us for 15 minutes. We are stuck on the line silent and at the position of attention until he gets back. As soon as he got back, he said, “You’re lucky. The battalion commander won’t let me smoke you all night. Get to your bunk now!” Again, I was just overwhelmed by you again. I would write more pages, but I’m going to read now. Love you, goodnight!




Psalm 56:4
I praise God for what he has promised.
I trust in God, so why should I be afraid?
What can mere mortals do to me?