1. Bike Across the Country
  2. Travel to a Third World Country
  3. Travel around Europe
  4. Learn German
  5. Learn French
  6. Learn a Fourth Language
  7. Sky Dive
  8. Road Trip Around the Country
  9. Become Old and Wise With Lots of Stories to Tell
  10. Visit Ancient Indian Ruins in Mexico (the ones on the hill tops)
  11. Drive over 150 mph
  12. Build a Christian Youth Rec. Center
  13. Remain Pure
  14. NOT to put myself in situations that risk my relationship with Christ

7 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. # 14 is a wonderful thing. All of these are outstanding goals and dreams for your bucket list, but 14 is one that will remain your foundation – and is a goal which will never leave your bucket list and should be respected. You are wise and I hope that you achieve all you and God together, have set out to achieve. Thank you for visiting my blog and thanks for sharing your thoughts, faith and views.

    1. haha no worries! I have to update it soon, my list has gotten a lot longer!

      I have no idea when I am going to visit Asia, but I hope it is some what soon! I really want to go to Seoul, South Korea.

      1. the food in Seoul is just…. divine. Hit me up when you do go! I’ll be sure to join you! Hit up all the best food spots 🙂

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