The very foundation of this blog is inspired from Philemon 1:6
“and I pray that the sharing of your faith may become effective for the full (J)knowledge of every good thing that is in us for the sake of Christ”

The more that you share your faith with others, and the more you study the Word of the Lord, the more prepared and closer to God you will be.

This blog is about building and encouraging relationships with Jesus. I am for the most part a man with few words, but I love to share about Jesus. The things I blog about are not, and will not be planned blogs. I will write as I am feeling inspired. Sometimes it may be multiple times a day, others it may be once every few days. I do not want to give forced blogs, because than I will lean more on my own understanding, instead of trusting in God. But importantly, this blog isn’t exactly to spread the Word of God to others, there are thousands of other blogs for that. I am writing to strengthen my own knowledge, and to create a stronger relationship with the Lord so that I may be better prepared to share the Word with people I find throughout this game of life.


As for me, there’s not much to me. Just a college boy doing whatever gets me closer to God. 


14 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I’ve enjoyed perusing your blog. Your love for the Lord is evident and I can see that you put alot of thought into your posts.

    Will look forward to checking back to see what you are writing. God bless you!

  2. I agree with not blogging every day. Some can do it pretty well, but I just can’t make up something to blog about. Then again, maybe I am not seeing clearly enough each day to have something to blog about. Anyway, enjoyed your “about” section.

    1. It can get extremely hard to blog everyday. I started blogging just when I felt like it. I noticed however that the days I didn’t blog, I didn’t feel as connected with God. The times that I would go at least three days without blogging, I started to become a different person. I’m not saying I need blogging to be close to God, cause I don’t. What I am saying is that blogging allows me to critically think about His Word and dig deeper into it. His Word is what brings me closer to Him and gives me communication with HIm. So now I blog everyday about Proverbs. This allows me to think deeply about His Word everyday. Somedays it is extremely difficult, but it helps me keep in line with Him.

      Thank you very much!
      God Bless!
      Joshua J. Huffman

      1. Continue doing what you’re doing, Joshua, leading by example as you follow the Lord. Others will continue to be blessed by your obedience and you will be blessed by God as well! Cindy

  3. Joshua, I enjoy your sincere words about yourself and how you want to use the blog for the Lord’s purposes, I pray the Lord uses you in ways that you are not aware of. I know I have to battle against wanting to get my ratings up, and that would be very fleshly. I’d rather walk in the Spirit of the Lord than my flesh.
    The Lord bless you and keep you along your way.
    In His Eternal Love…….

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