Have Faith or Wander

I was listening to a sermon the other day called, “Don’t Stop on Six” by Steven Furtick (To view on youtube, click here). It was a super great sermon about Joshua and marching around Jericho.

Here’s an interesting fact. Did you know, that Israel had to wander for 45 years before they marched around Jericho? Why? Because 45 years prior when Moses sent out the 12 spies to spy on the land, 10 of them returned with a lack of faith that God could help them bring victory of the land.

Their lack of faith kept Israel wandering for 45 years.

It makes me wonder, what promise of God am I keeping myself from because I lack the faith? What are you keeping yourself from because you the lack the faith? It’s not that God doesn’t lack the power and desire for you to receive His promise, but rather we tend to lack the faith that God can carry us through no matter how big our enemies, our opposition, looks.

What does faith in God look like? Sometimes it’s you starting a conversation with a stranger, showing them God’s love through your conversation. For a lot of us, talking to strangers might be the scariest thing ever, but isn’t God bigger than that giant?

Sometimes faith might be asking someone for you to pray over them. Maybe your scared you won’t say the right words, and you have the right to believe that. I agree with you. But that’s why we have to rely on the Holy Spirit to take control. Romans 8:26, “For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words.” It’s not about you or our prayer, it’s about letting the Holy Spirit use you for Him to pray over someone.

Sometimes faith might be to not show partiality to those you know (James 2:1-13) but engaging with someone others don’t normally engage with. It may not be comfortable, but I also don’t think Jesus’ death was very comfortable. But also, it is showing love and that is the greatest commandment (Matthew 22:36-40).

Sometimes faith might being saying “No” to what your normally would say “Yes” to, around those that are closest to you, in order that you may be an example to them that they don’t have to live down that same path. Will they question you? Yes. Will it be awkward? Yes. Will they, might, distance themselves from you? Maybe. But would you rather keep wandering in sin for 45 years, or move on to where God has called you?

In the same way, sometimes faith might be saying “Yes” to what others normally say “No” too. This might be reaching out to others in a public school, in a bar, in a neighbor hood, at a club, in the streets. Maybe these places aren’t comfortable to go to, but isn’t that where Jesus went?

What is faith in your life? Where are you settling? Where are you letting yourself wander?

A great point Steven Furtick made, was when the Israelites were wandering around Jericho there are two things you can not: It was Joshua who told them not to speak when marching, and 2) Joshua never told them how many days/times they would have to march. They didn’t know it would only be seven days (well the bible doesn’t tell us they would know). That speaks volumes to me. That’s like doing a workout, and not ever knowing when it is going to end, not ever knowing what your next move is. There’s no hope for the end, there’s no motivation to get through to the end, when you don’t know when the end is.

Let that sink in.

Now why would Joshua not want them to speak? What is often your limiting factor when trying to accomplish anything? Is it the physical effort that goes into it? Can your body just not take it? Or is it your thoughts that often stop you, telling you “You can’t do this,” “you’re not cut out for this,” etc? Just a thought by Steven Furtick.

Not’s enough for now, but I really encourage and suggest everyone to check out that message by Steven. Let it speak into your own life. He made so many more great points.


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