It’s Not Enough to Hear, But to Do

Warning: No Scripture found here, just thoughts.

I’ve found one of the greatest things to be as hearing a message about God’s great love for me. Not just hearing, but also reading about it in blogs, journaling about it, reading about it in books, and etc. It’s an amazing pick me up and makes me feel so much better as a person. It’s the message that everyone deep down inside craves to hear, ultimate acceptance despite all that you’ve done. Complete peace, joy and love despite all that you’ve done.

But at the same time the message of the Gospel doesn’t infinitely last in our hearts. All to often I’ve seen in myself how full of the Spirit I can get during the time of hearing God’s message, but as soon as I am doing hearing it, the next morning, a week later, it goes away and it’s really hard to still have that joy and peace as I did when I first heard the message. I get so accustomed to living back how I was before I heard the message, that the message just doesn’t seem to exist anymore in my life.

That is until, I hear another great sermon simply about God’s great love for me again. Then again I feel an undeniable love for God, a passion, a fire inside of my heart. I remember who God is and how great He is. But after the message is over, I go back to where I was.

It’s a cycle, going back and force between loving God with all my heart, to forgetting who God is in my life.

It makes me feel fake.

I have to constantly go back to His Word, to hearing sermon messages, to reading, to constantly be reminded of HIs love for me, otherwise it’s so easy for me to slip back into the world. It’s something I have to fight for.

I no longer believe it’s enough to just hear God’s message of love. I don’t believe it’s our purpose.

I believe our purpose, or at least mine, is to seek out ways to show God’s love to others. It’s not enough to receive God’s message, but to also give. “It is better to give than to receive.”

Relevant magazine posted an article, found here. At the end of the article, there was a quote that I deeply believe in,

“Gather a group of friends to read, study and brainstorm ways to engage locally and globally.”

Isn’t this what Jesus tells and shows us over and over again. Wasn’t this the way He did His ministry? But He didn’t have to brainstorm, He just did.

For me, receiving the message of God’s love isn’t enough. It’s what I want to live out. I want to continue God’s ministry in others. What better way to receive God’s love than to show it to others in need?

I just can’t imagine what a difference it would make, not just in my own life but others, if I replaced time I spent on meaningless things and replaced it with time where I engage locally and/or globally with others. How cool and awesome would that be?

Hell is real. The internal struggles people face everyday is real. But if you would be the person that helps show them God’s love, wouldn’t that be cool? Wouldn’t it be cool to be a first hand witness to seeing others transform their lives? I know I do.


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