Basic Training Excerpt: 17JUN14

17JUNE14 14:30(ish?)

Dear God you’re great! I know you know this, I know I’ve told you that but you simply great! Yesterday with the mail blew my mind. We weren’t suppose to get mail yesterday but I prayed for it cause it was my birthday and for some reason I knew you would provide cause I’ve realized that nothing is impossible and because you love me. So despite everybody saying we won’t get mail until next week, I kept my confidence in you and sure enough it was here. Thank you for being with me. 🙂 I’ve just learned from basic training that you are my single source of hope and peace for everything I do and with that, I have nothing to fear at all. You are with me. All I have to do now to share your Word is be a Godly man and show character, because I know with you and conversations about you is powered by you. so now sharing Your Word is something that I’m excited about not feared. Now it is just becoming something that is a natural part of life. Soon it will be a natural part of conversation. I’m really happy about this. There is just no reason to doubt God, You, especially when I get to see first hand your power on a daily basis. Thanks for choosing me, even before the foundation of the world. I give you my body, my mind, my soul. Use me for your will Lord, take me to where I’m needed.

Love you, goodnight.

Joshua Huffman

19JUNE14 20:35

— Also, I am really starting to get down by the fact that we have mail, but my drill sergeants are the only sergeants not handing out mail at the time. I keep hearing about how our letter bin is full of letters, but for whatever reason we’re not getting them and I don’t know, it’s just hard. I want to hear from someone. I want to communicate with home. Thank you that I always have you and that no one can take you away from me! Please me with me, I love you, goodnight!

[Only shared small excerpt from June 19th for the sake of the story that will be posted tomorrow]


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