Worship isn’t about Us

I’ve known for a long while that worship isn’t about me, but rather about God. I always thought I believed that. However I was still caught up in finding a worship style that fitted for me. While I was attending basic training, we had two different guys that would lead worship. Sometimes it was a guy on a guitar playing modern contemporary worship music, other times it was a man on a piano playing 4 lines over and over again. I always always preferred the man on the guitar. I would get so upset when we would show up and it was the man on the piano, it would ruin my whole Sunday morning church experience. 
I am now at AIT (Advanced Individual Training) and am currently attending a baptist church. This morning I was really missing my worship team from back home, I really miss that contemporary worship music. At the current church I am at, we usually sing what I consider a children’s song, listen to someone sing a song, attempt to listen to the choir sing a song (from where I am sitting it is super hard to hear them), we sing a verse to some hymn, and then just listen to a bunch of people sing solos. It’s completely not the worship style from back home that I love and so greatly miss. BUT, it is still every bit just as powerful. Every week I come with a group of about 10-20 soldiers, every week a handful of new soldiers give their life to Christ because of the worship style there, every week tears are shed through worship. The Holy Spirit is completely present there! 
What I have learned is that it doesn’t matter what you sing, it doesn’t matter if you can understand what you are singing, it doesn’t matter if you are simply trying to enjoy listening to a choir sing that you can barely hear, what matters is that you are simply trying to give some praise to God. The Holy Spirit doesn’t need a certain set of words to open peoples heart, it doesn’t need you to sing the most recent Hillsong United song, it doesn’t even need you to understand. The Holy Spirit is more powerful than we can ever give it credit for. Look at Jonah, he preached a 5 word message to Ninavah and it saved thousands of lives. It’s not about us. It’s all about Him.
What I learned this morning is, it’s not about me, it’s about Him. It’s simply letting Him do the work and you just listening to what He has to say. It’s not about what you want to hear, but what He has to say. 


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