Make Mistakes

Sometimes we are afraid or ashamed to make mistakes. Don’t be. Risks are an important part of life, they are meant to be taken. Besides it’s an our mistakes that we grow, without mistakes we make no growth. Don’t be afraid to make that mistake out of fear of the unknown. Embrace it, love it, and don’t let it stop you. The moment you give fear your control is the moment you stop living.

Jesus told a parable once about three men who each received a share of a farmers talent to hold onto for a while. The one who was given much took a risk and doubled what he received. But the one who was given little did nothing but burry the talent because he was afraid of losing his single talent. But because he did not take a risk, the farmer took that talent back from the man and gave it to the man who took the large risk.

If we are to afraid of mistakes with just a little, how can we ever be trusted with a lot.

If we never take the risk with a little and make the mistakes, how can we ever expect to learn and be able to handle more?

Make mistakes. Live life in it’s fullest. If you have to, be stupid! Be stupid in the sense that you do make mistakes. The worse thing you can ever do for yourself is to never make a mistake. What joy it is to learn and grow! This is where true wisdom is found.

Your challenge as you read this is to go make a mistake tomorrow, make one on purpose! Let the fear go and double your talents!

Don’t lose your only talent out of fear! Don’t hold onto that single piece of thread! Break that thread so you can rebuild it with a bridge! Learn as you go! Nobody has all the answers, nobody truly knows what they are doing and have full control over their life. That’s why you need to make mistakes, so you can learn how to build your single thread into a full bridge!


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