Confession # 7 (Revisited)

Original Post
Age: 16

I don’t trust God and that is what is stunting me, along with feeling that God doesn’t love me… (I’m from confession 7, I think). 😦

My Comment:

As before. I will pray. You understand how great our God is right? Everything there is in this world, and the universe was made by Him in the blink of an eye. He also suffered death for us all. He humbled himself and became man and was ridiculed for our sake. Now with all that in mind, why would He allow you to feel the way you do? This guy died for you, shouldn’t He be doing everything He could to protect you? Shouldn’t He be doing everything He can to make you feel loved? The truth is, He does love you. To ask anymore from Him is actually selfishness on our sakes, the guy died for us after all. He sees something in you that you don’t. He sees strength inside of you that you don’t even see. He sees a future for you that you can’t even imagine. The pain you go through now is only temporarily, it feels like forever, it feels never ending, like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, like there just isn’t an end. But it is all a place of growing so that you can shine light in other people’s tunnel down the road. You have to trust Him. If you can’t trust the God of the bible, who can you trust?

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