“Why Is God Letting Me Suffer?”

During the summer I work in a candy factory on third shift, to be more accurate it is a gummy factory. The area where I work in the factory is right next to shipping. Every piece of candy, every bag, and box of candy goes through me. What I have to do, with a few others, is pack all of the candy onto pallets to ship out to the client. We don’t get to take our time though, the candy is coming at a constant rate (usually around 80 boxes a minute, but currently around 120). Because of this, they have to put the fastest packers on my line.

However, everybody in the factory needs to be trained in every position. Whenever we receive new coworkers, one or two of them will have to hop on my line to train them in and see who is capable of keeping up and who should be never be considered to be in that spot again.

One of the training techniques that I have found to be the most successful is NOT to handicap them by doing a portion of their work. They can’t be challenged that way and will get use to working at a slower rate while everyone covers for them. So what I do is let them suffer a bit. Everytime the boxes will begin to pile up, boxes will start falling on the floor everywhere, they panic like crazy, and it just becomes a huge mess! Now they are attempting to work at 5 times the speed the line is going in order to keep more boxes from falling. (once one box falls, it is incredibly easy for the next one to fall because of the layout). I let them stress over it for a few minutes, then I come in and help them out as well as do my share. Usually things get caught up pretty quickly. After that first giant mess, our machine operator will actually turn up the line even faster! BUT now all of a sudden the new people can handle it just fine.

The point is, God is going to allow us to be in hard times, but that is not because He doesn’t care or isn’t watching you. He is, but He sees this as an opportunity for you to grow and to be able to handle even more! It’s an opportunity to grow! If God did all the work for you in life, so all you had to do was sit on the coach, you wouldn’t go anywhere! Our messes in life are the greatest times for us to grow!

If you aren’t failing, you aren’t trying.

When you suffer, just smile at God. Say “I may not see the point of this suffering now, but I know you are preparing me for something even greater in life! Thanks!”


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