Christian Hypocrisy

I have been leaving some small bait to my coworkers, just waiting for one to bite. Last night at work, one of my favorite coworkers finally took the bite, but what he said really threw me off. I guess I’ve known what he said to be true for a while now, but to actually hear somebody say it was really disheartening.

Here is how our conversation went:

Him: So are you like (bleep)ing religious?

Me: Yeah I am pretty religious.

Him: Wow, I am surprised we get along so well then.

People from the outside assume us Christians can’t be friends to those who aren’t Christian. What did we do to put ourselves in a place to make it seem as if we hate the rest of the world? That isn’t Christian at all! Christ calls us to love others. But the way we are doing things right now, people don’t always even want to be Christian because we have a bad reputation associated to our name.

Imagine a world where people who are broken first think to go to the Church for help instead of avoiding the Church for being judged. A world where when people think of Christians they think of loving and caring individuals instead of judging hypocrites.

We all know the story of when Christ ate with the tax collectors because it is the sick who need the doctor. In fact I am sure we all cite it from time to time, but when was the last time you actually reached out to someone that society looked down upon? In the story of Jesus, you have to remember the tax collectors weren’t just your average sinner, they were hated upon by everyone! But Jesus put his reputation aside to eat with them. When was the last time any one of us reached out to the sick, to the hurt, to the hated, to that annoying person, to anyone outside of your comfort area of people?

What kind of world would we live in, if more Christians did our job? We are not individual denominations fighting to see who can get more people in our own Church than our neighbors. We are made to be one body.


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