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Most of us have heard the phrase “modest is hottest” in regard to female modesty. For some that brings to mind colonial long sleeved dresses or turtlenecks in July humidity. Maybe others think, “that’s just what homely people say.” And for some women, it may bring up painful memories of middle school years when they were forced to wear oversized boys clothes in the name of purity.

The reality is modesty is a topic that needs to be addressed. On the flip side, focusing on modesty above all else can birth legalism, which is essentially reducing God to rules. Our acceptance, then, is based on how well we’ve followed them. The question we sometimes forget to ask is “why”. It’s much easier to follow a set of rules than to prayerfully consider why modesty holds such a high importance.

I’m sure there are many reasons some girls dress immodestly. A…

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  1. This is great Joshua…anyway you would look terrible with cleavage… SERIOUSLY though I think the writer was profound in her understanding of so much here.

    Granted, I am one of your “older” readers, but in my younger years a committed Christian would not have DREAMED of wearing a bikini. Why? Because they knew what was being said here was true. Now we have the youngest 2 “born again” Jonas brothers barely able to keep their clothes on, as well as both men and women, famous or not, dressing in essentially their underwear–to church. Not judging the Jonas’s but just saying that wearing purity rings and being home-schooled does not always keep a person from sin.

    Modesty can be done for the wrong reasons, but I would rather see that than the cheapening of the body as it is literally thrown in all of our faces on a daily basis. Kathy Ireland, famous super-model of the 1980s and 90s, never once wore a bikini in her photo shoots–and always wore a cross. It never hurt her fame and only enhanced her beauty. And she did so out of love for God. He can and does bless us when we listen to Him.

    1. Yeah, that is why I reposted it. I thought the writer had great insight that I had not yet seen before. It wasn’t just another dress modestly because the bible says so post.

      Yeah, unfortunately in todays day and age, what is modest and what isn’t is blurred. People tend to think whatever makes them feel good is modest.

      I, personally, just like to think of my body as a gift from God to my spouse. No early surprises, and not to be used as a gift that can be returned back to the owner. Once given, its yours. I want my spouse to receive it fresh. Yadda yadda yadda.

      Huge respect for Kathy. You don’t need to advertise your body to be respected or gain success. It’s cheapening and degrading to yourself.

      Thanks for the comment, God Bless,

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