Sharing Gods Word on Campus

A topic that has been deep on mind for the past year or so, is how can I share the gospel on a secular college campus? Do I start a bible study? A mini chapel?  A question and answer type get together? Do I join some other ministry and become a leader through them? Do I put posters up around campus? Do I give out things to random students as they walk by? Do I talk to random students and preach the Gospel to them, or question them on their beliefs? I’ve seriously considered all these options and more. So what’s the best way to share the gospel on a secular college campus?

Well first  we must answer this second question, who is your target audience? Am I looking to reach christians and strengthen their relationship with Jesus or am I looking to find the lost sheep. With much prayer and thought, I’ve come to see that I need to reach those that aren’t christian. This rules out joining a campus club, a bible study or a mini chapel. The lost don’t seek out salvation, because they don’t even know they are lost.

So what about handing out free bibles or informational material? Today I watched a group of elderly men from a local church attempt to hand out bibles to students. Most students avoided these men, as if contant with them would contaminate them, of those that did come close with these men, most would reject the free bible. I did however see a few (as in I could count them on my hand) people accept the free bible from them, BUT two of the students threw the bible on the nearest bench, one of them was laughing with a smirk as he received it, and because my view was blocked from the garbage can, I do not know how many bibles were thrown away. During my evaluation of how people received the gospel, I learned that people could care less about Gods Word. His Word maybe the most powerful force, but if no one gives the Word the time of day, the power is useless.

Students, as a whole, believe they are better than christians and don’t need God in their lives. Some believe they have salvation because they know of God, others joke about going to hell. They think of hell as just another place they can screw around like it’s no big deal. I deeply feel students believe that religion is just a joke, and being a christian is not on their list of things to do. After all, christians are “judging, close minded, arrogent, hypocrites.” And it’s true! Students spend a lot of their time on the internet, whether it be facebook, twitter, youtube or whatever. The way christians are perceived from the internet, especially on youtube, or on the comment sections of christian celebrities is completely negative. All we do is argue, argue argue, and condem each other for doing wrong (or rather what we think is wrong). It’s sickening! Who wants to be apart of a group that argue over everything and condem each other for the smallest of things?

So how do we reach the student generation? We have to convence them they want to hear Gods Word. They have to believe that they want to hear the gospel. Through much prayer, I have come up with the best way I believe that can be accomplished.


We have a direct line to God through prayer, use it! Ask God to help you meet new people. Ask Him for the strength to talk to strangers and get to know them. Ask Him for whatever you need to help share His word.

Seek God and His Kingdom first

Read your bible. Nothing can prepare you to spread Gods Word as much as reading the bible can. Search for His wisdom. Seek God in all that you do, make it your number 1 priority. Make your heart filled with Christ that way there is no room for anything else, evil.

Meet new people daily

People won’t be able to hear/see what you have to offer if you don’t have anyone to listen. Meeting strangers is our way of advertising. However at this point we aren’t advertising Christ, but rather ourselves. The more people you meet, the more friends you can make.

Make friends

This is where we can begin to advertise Christ, but only lightly. Just enough to let them know you are a Christian, nothing more. Wearing a christian t-shirt here and there is all the more we need. We still don’t want to push Christ on our friends because it will scare them away. It takes time and patience. As we make friends, make real friends. Don’t be friends with someone just to share the Gospel, make friends that you can truly call your friends. The deeper the friendship goes the more open you become with one another. As we come open, they will begin to start asking questions about your faith.

Represent God by your actions

The questions they ask, depends on how well your actions have lined up with God. It’s in our representation of God that the seed becomes planted. It’s not our Words that plant the seeds, it’s how we represent Christ that plants the seed. If you claim you are christian, but act not different than them, why would they care to become christian. I believe to plant Christs seeds best, we have to show Christs love by our actions to others, and show that christians can have fun. Don’t preach to your friends with words, but by your actions. Make them want to have what you have. Then, im time, they will ask the questions that will allow you to give them the gospel.


It’s to important not to pray! Always be praying for yourself, and for your friends. Always be praying for guidance and help.

Remember, to reach this generation we have to make them want to know Christ, before they will give Him the time of day. Be the person they see and think “I want to be more like him/her.” “I see how God has changed them, and I want to be more like that!” You’re only job is to plant the seed. It is the Holy Spirits job to grow it.

Disclaimer: This model is the one I find best that works with me. Every person has their own way of sharing Christs Word, and every person has their own way of receiving Gods Word. What works with one person, doesn’t always work with the next. Seek Christs wisdom to find what is best for you, in your situation, to share Christs Word with others.


7 thoughts on “Sharing Gods Word on Campus

  1. Joshua, I believe you are on the right track in regards to your outreach on your college campus. Sometimes we mistake sharing Jesus with sharing our church activities. You are correct that most people who are lost do not realize they need a savior, and they definately don’t need another activity to add to their daily lives (at least not one that they see as unproductive). The best thing you can do is pray and love your school.

    Love your school, and don’t be afraid to tell them that you are doing it because of Jesus’ love for you and them. This is how you reach out to your campus. I would encourage you to start the small group though, even if it is only you and one other person. After you have grown together and are ready, come up with ways to serve your college/fellow students. Although, handing out Bibles is a noble gesture you already noticed that it was not well received by many of your classmates. Why not hand out bottles of water on a hot day? Or small cups of hot chocolate when it is cold? There are businesses out there that will print labels for you, and you can share information about your group meeting. Invite people to join you in your journey. (Or take the time, buy a bunch of labels at Office Depot, write your groups info on the label, and make it an activity for your group).

    The water/hot chocolate is just an idea, find something that works for your campus, and go at it with the desire to lead others to Christ. Maybe it is volunteering on campus to do clean-up or some flowerbeds. Do something to make the campus look nice, but make sure you ok-it with the college!

    Praying for you, and the ministry that God is leading you to on your college campus.

    1. Thanks for the comment Mitchell!

      I am definitely still interested in starting a small group, it will be something I do once I find someone who wants to embark on this mission with me. Thanks for your suggestion! I like the idea of just doing good things to other people, for free, to set an example of Christs love. Show them they are cared for.

      Thank you very much, very appreciated and right back at you!

      God Bless,

  2. This is great! I work for a secular university and know what you are saying. It is hard to reach anyone by cramming Christianity down their throats! I try to do exactly what you’ve described with my coworkers. I have only touched on my faith with some but have been able to go more in depth with others. It’s an interesting thing, because you know by the Holy Spirit when its time to say something. If “Christians” would sell out fully to Christ, His love would overwhelm everything. God can use us a lot better when we listen to Him! You set a great example Joshua!

    God bless!

    1. Thanks for the comment Brain! It is very hard since people are so quick to turn you down!

      When we truly seek Him, His love does overwhelm. It’s amazing! Showing Gods love to others is by far the best way to preach the gospel.

      Thank you very much! Have a great day, God bless!

  3. So nice to see you posting again. I must say you are on the right track! Especially with the PRAY PRAY PRAY… and also immerse yourself in the Word. I know as a student in a secular school you are limited by “laws”, however, the Spirit of God knows no boundaries.
    We sent 2 young people off to secular colleges this year from my small church. As an intercessor for them, I am adding you to my list!
    Your generation so needs an “answer”… the ONLY answer that brings peace. I’ve spoken to some (even my grandkids) and the ideas of what means is sad among young men and women.
    I thank God for young men, like yourself, who truly desire to reach others with the message of the Gospel. May God bless you as you seek His will.
    In the love of Jesus,

    know a s college stude

    1. Thanks! I actually have been posting everyday again, starting last week, but I am currently stuck on a proverb.

      Yes, pray is SOOOO important, I can’t stress it enough! Prayer and His Word are extremely important in our relationship with Christ and the spreading of the Gospel.

      Well thank you very much, it is appreciated! Yes, our generation is so lost, it’s hard to imagine anyone being further from the truth than they are. It’s so hard though, because they don’t want anymore to do with God than they have to. Those that do know of God, are convinced they are close to Him, even though their lives show no representation of Him. It’s difficult.

      haha well again, THANKS! 🙂 There is one person that I do try to be more like every day, and that is John the Baptist. I want to be more like him, in the sense that I just point the way to Jesus.

      God bless and thanks for the comment!

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