Faith vs Religion

I had a conversation at work that went like this. There was a guy, lets call him Matt, starting talking to me. He asked me “Do you drink?” I told him “No.” He then asked, “Well do you smoke?” Once again I say “No.” Without hesitation he immediately asked me “Oh, so do you go to church?” Before I even had a chance to answer, this girl across the room, who also works a job as a stripper, immediately answers “I’m a Lutheran!” And he responds with “Yeah I think I am a Catholic, but I don’t know.” They then went into a discusion, what little they knew, about religion. I thought about what they were talking about, how they compare to the average american, and I realize America, as a whole, is completely lost. I realized that America believes claiming to be apart of a religion is what saves them, and all faith means is being a part of a religion. People believe that just because some one once taught them a religion, that they belong to that religion and will be saved because of that. That can’t be further from the truth! Being a part of a religion isn’t what saves us, being a part of a religion just informs everyone of your theological background. What saves us is God’s amazing grace! It is by our faith in Christ that we can receive this grace that is beyond what we deserve! Faith is not self proclaiming. Faith is more than just proclaiming that you believe in Christ, faith becomes alive through our works.

James 2:20-22

But do you want to know, O foolish man, that faith without works is dead? Was not Abraham our father justified by works when he offered Isaac his son on the altar? Do you see that faith was working together with his works, and by works faith was made perfect?

With faith comes work. It’s not that this work saves us, it’s our faith that saves us. But when we have this faith, we can’t help but work. With faith, our pleasures changes to that which pleases the Lord. We no longer live for our sin, but live for the salvation which Christ has given us.

The message of faith needs to be delivered to all those in America, as well as the rest of the world! We can not be saved by strictly claiming to be a part of a religion. We need faith, and in faith comes action!

How is your faith? Do your actions represent Christ? What would others say about you, by looking at your actions? Do they match your faith?


5 thoughts on “Faith vs Religion

  1. A great post Joshua! I taught Sunday School this past weekend and this was the topic! God has really dealt with me about the lack of faith that people in this country have–and I’m talking about the faith that God can and will provide for us. If we have faith the size of a mustard seed we could move mountains. I’ve never seen anyone move a mountain, have you? I’ve also prayed lately for God to help us strengthen our faith!

    Good to see you post! Happy 4th of July!

    1. Thanks! That is awesome! It is always great to see how God makes a particular topic recur in our lives over and over again through a short period of time!

      Same to you, and God Bless!

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