Why I Can’t Settle For A Relationship With God

Old Couple

In today’s day and age there is a huge push inside of Christianity, and that is to form a relationship with Christ. The word “religion” and all the different dominations are being pushed aside, and being replaced with a relationship with God. I fell in love with this idea many years ago, when I first heard it, and have been following the bandwagon every since.  From a marketing stand point it’s a great idea, people are much more likely to follow God because they want to, instead of the idea that they have to follow a set of rules because we are told to. But in today’s world, do we really want to call our unity with Christ a relationship, or is it more than that?

Relationships are about feelings. We live in the world were they are constantly broken because one or the other “isn’t feeling it anymore.” Marriage is no longer a permanent unity between a man and a woman. Divorce rates are at 41%! And that’s just the first marriage, after that the percentage keeps getting higher! They aren’t being taken seriously anymore, the notion “till death do us part” is being replaced with “until we no longer have interest with one another.” Marriages are being viewed no more seriously than a relationship.

Defined in a dictionary, a relationship is a “behavior or feelings toward somebody else.”  Unfortunately our feelings change on a regulatory biases. Doesn’t our bondage to Christ deserve to be called more than just a feeling? Feelings go up and down, they have their highs and their lows. Christ deserves more than that! He is the man who humiliated himself, died on a cross, and paid the penalty that we deserve!  To say and believe the thought “I have a relationship with Christ” is truly in understatement to what we should have. To say we have a relationship with Christ is saying “I’m only with Him when I feel like it.”

To me, He’s more than a relationship, He’s a commitment. He’s a marriage in its original form. He’s someone I am eternally bonded to.  Till death do us part.  It doesn’t matter if we are ‘feeling’ Christ today, it doesn’t matter if you are in a ‘God mood’ and it doesn’t matter if you are feeling ‘spiritually high’ today.  When we say those words, we allow ourselves also to say today I’m not ‘feeling’ Christ, today I’m not in a ‘God mood’ and today I’m not ‘spiritually high.’ We allow ourselves to use our feelings as an excuse to not be a disciple for Christ. When we follow our feelings we pick and choose which days we want to His disciple and which days we don’t. When Jesus died on the cross, He wasn’t ‘feeling’ it.  He prayed all night that the Lord take away His burden, but He did it anyways because He was committed to us!Old Couple

It’s more than just a relationship, it’s more than just a feeling, it is a commitment to Christ, it’s a commitment to serve Him, to do what’s right, to be a leader, and so on. We have to stop ourselves into using our feelings as an excuse to not serve our Father.  It’s a commitment, serve Him always! Make your ‘relationship’ with Christ a commitment, a true marriage!

Say these words out loud and reflect upon them and what they mean in terms of you and God:

“I, _______, take you, God, for my eternal partner, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part.

My commitment to Christ is this: Lord I am going to try my hardest at all times to serve you! I will at all times seek you! Good day, or bad day, I will give my thanks to you! Just because I am not feeling you today, will not be an excuse to put you aside, it will be a reason to work harder for you! This is my dedication to you, you are my life!


6 thoughts on “Why I Can’t Settle For A Relationship With God

  1. I agree! Sometimes it seems like the word ‘relationship’ is inadequate. Our pastor often qualifies it as an “intimate relationship”–such as a marriage as you describe it. In the book Not a Fan, the author describes and old couple in a restaurant who sit quietly through the meal without talking. The young couple next to them is sitting on the same side of the booth talking and laughing–not caring that their food is getting cold.

    That’s the way a relationship evolves. When we are first in the relationship, one has to communicate with the other to learn the other’s traits and personality. Intimately. If we’re not communicating with God, we will never get to the intimate relationship exemplified by the old couple. God wants us to be so close to Him that we don’t have to talk: that our Spirits are so intertwined that we know one another THAT intimately. What’s amazing is… it isn’t that hard if we trust Him!

    Sorry that was a little long for a comment. Aw well. 🙂

    God bless!

    1. I like the phrase “intimate relationship” but the word “relationship” by itself just doesn’t seem enough, especially in todays age were that word is just thrown around. Yes, you told me about the book in the past. Somehow it disappeared off my reading list on my kindle app (readding it now). I like the analogy! Amen brother! 🙂

      haha no, it’s okay, I enjoyed it! Thanks for commenting!

      God’s Peace,

  2. Reblogged this on Growing Woman of Christ. and commented:
    More people really need to understand this concept. I absolutely love this article, explains my belief in Christ perfectly. People who want a relationship on earth with other people, need to know in order for earthly relationships to last, they must have an eternal bond in Christ – individually and together. People are so busy seeking relationships with one another without understand they’re seeking the wrong person. Seek God. He will let the right person come into your life when He needs them to.

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