Tuesday Tune’s

Family Force 5 – Zombie

What I have always loved about Family Force 5 is that it is up to the listener to decide what the lyrics mean. The band members are all christians, and they have a few songs directed straight at christians, but for the most part they try to appeal to those outside of the Christian circles in attempt to bring them to Christ. Because of this, all their songs have more than one meaning, they are quite the lyrical geniuses.

Here are a few samples from some of the lyrics and how they can relate to us Christians.

Chaotic, psychotic, death defying lifeless logic – In context this is talking about how being a Zombie is a route that seems very silly to the rest of the world. In this song, I like to view the word “Zombie” as the same as “Christian.”

Not dead, undead, a new creation Zombie regeneration – When you become a Zombie, you don’t die, rather you become undead and morph into a new creation. Same goes during the Christian Baptism. We get rid of our old selves and become a new creation in Christ.

Wordwide, infected, I’m back resurrected –  This one can go two ways, it can be viewed the same as above, or, the way I like to view it as, as Christ coming back from the dead and being resurrected.

Watch me walk like a Zombie – Watch me walk like a Christian.

I’m a Zombie, who I want to be, And I don’t want to be but a Zombie – Just like being a Christian, we want nothing more than to be servants of Christs and to please Him.

Bon-Appetite, I got a new appetite, Transformed, be-be-be-be-born, uh, Love bites and it’s in a rare form – When we give ourselves to Christ we gain a new appetite and become transformed. No longer are we hungry for the sinful desires of this world, but rather we are hungry for the Lord and His desires. Christ’s love bites us.

We Found Love- Lindsey Stirling- VenTribe

This second song is nothing like Zombie from Family Force 5. A saw this video this morning on youtube. I enjoyed how Lindsey Stirling, in this video, was able to find this joyous love among all the children that she visited in Kenya. I like to view it as a feel good video, but I really enjoyed it. It isn’t necessary a Christian video, but rather just a good song that we can all enjoy!


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