I(God) Will Run To You

I saw this Nike Commercial (below) and was instantly reminded of our life with God. The women represents God, and the man represents mankind. It was cool to see how the man was having so many difficulties running to the women, but he kept persisting. That is just like our run towards Christ. There are going to be plenty of difficulties along the way, but we have to keep on persisting.  The line “I’m not as strong as you” stood out to me because in our run towards Christ we aren’t as strong as God. The second part that really stood out to me is when he got stuck in the hospital and the women says “I will run to you” and he follows it with “You will run to me :).” Isn’t that just like our run toward towards God? God is always running toward us. Sometimes we get stuck because we aren’t strong enough to carry through. It feels like a set back to us, but the Lord tells us “I will run to you.” Doesn’t that make you want to smile? In the midst of our troubles the Lord will run to us and carry us out of it. We don’t have to be strong, because God is strong enough. Anyways, I thought this was a cute video and I liked how it resembled our run towards Christ.


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