Hell is Real

I think I may have posted something similar to this in the past. Despite that, it was on my mind last night and I wanted to share my thoughts. What if Jesus came back tonight? or even tomorrow? Will you be ready? Would you be able to say,  I have lived my life to the fullest? Or would you say “Jesus, not yet! I’m not ready! I still have things to do!” Would you run away and try to hide from Him like Adam and Eve did in the garden of Eden? How would your feel about Him coming back tonight? When I ask myself this question, I know I don’t feel ready. Of course I would love to be in Heaven! I can’t think of a place I would rather be! But that doesn’t mean I am ready. I don’t have any interest in enjoying earthly pleasures over Heaven. My conflict lies in the dilemma that I still want to do more for the Lord. I feel very similar to how Paul felt, he really wanted to be in Heaven, but he wanted to be here as well so he would witness to more people. My biggest reason however for not being ready is not for the things I have yet to do for the Lord, but the things I haven’t done yet. I keep saying I want to do things for the Lord. Example, start a bible study, bring Jesus into all my conversations, start a youth ministry, be more active in the Church, be as bold/Courageous as Paul, be a leader like Moses and Joshua, point the Way like John the Baptist, and etc. In reality I’m still living each day like before, without pushing to do anything for the Lord, just dreaming of it. Don’t we all do this? We always got tomorrow, I have to much to do right now any ways. We all have our excuses. The fact of the matter is Hell is real, and Jesus is coming back. Are you living as if there is no Hell? If so, STOP! As I said in a pervious post, when you die, how will you be remembered as, A Pickle lover?

If Jesus came back tonight, would you be ready? Let’s do the job Jesus called us to “go and make disciples of all nations [..]”


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