Caine’s Arcade

I came across this video as I was reading through my news this morning. I absolutely loved what I saw. I was a little discouraged at first that it was ten minutes long, but it seemed to be worth the time. It was! This young boy teaches us all a very valuable lesson.

  • Dream big.
  • Work hard.
  • Don’t be discouraged when you see no results.
  • Be patient.
  • All it takes is one small spark.

To often than not we easily get discouraged when things don’t go are way. We let our passions, ideas, and dreams slip away. Things may seem doomed. In this boy’s case he never had a customer, but did that stop him? No! Finally, a long time after I would have given up, this boy gets his first customer. This customer happens to be a film maker, and ends up giving this boy more customers than he could ever dream of. All it takes is one small spark. We don’t know when God is going to send us our spark, but we must be patient in waiting for it. He’s waiting for the perfect timing to give it to us.


6 thoughts on “Caine’s Arcade

  1. This is absolutely wonderful to see this young boy, with such a great desire to “create” something so elaborate, with simple things. Reminds me how we (mere humans), as followers of Jesus Christ, are used to help reach others for the Kingdom of heaven.
    Thank you for sharing Joshua!
    Be blessed

  2. I saw that video yesterday and it about made me cry! What a precious story! He reminded me of me when I was little. I use to sell lemonade, cookies, and even knockoff sunglasses door-to-door haha! I love his spirit and his preserverance! We can learn a lot from him 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

    1. I know right! I just loved how he, despite never getting any customers, still wanted to work every sunday. I also love how his dad supported him throughout the process.
      No problem!

      God Bless!
      Joshua J. Huffman

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