Tuesday’s Tunes

I am so happy I accidentally named this “Tuesday’s Tunes” instead of “Tuesday’s Tune.” This past week I have been blessed with so much new music its crazy! To pick just one song to share would have been impossible. I could easily share ten songs with you this tuesday, however I doubt anyone would actually go through and listen to all ten. So I managed to narrow it down to just two, learning of one of them just yesterday. Enjoy!

Family Force 5 is my personal all time favorite band. Their lyrics do not always have  a direct correlation to Christ. For that many Christians often diss them. Some of their lyrics may be questionable though. What I love about Family Force 5 is their music is all about partying for Jesus. I have seen them live many times and every time they always share their love for Jesus. They use their music to reach both Christians and non-Christians. I just love the fact that I can listen to their music and dance/party for Jesus in the process.

This song however is not one of those dance around party songs. It’s a slow song about us running away from God, but He is always there for us. He is our Superhero.


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