Two Journal Entries

When I started this blog, it was for the sole purpose of sharing my love with Christ to others who either haven’t accepted Christ, or for those who have but need a rejuvenation. Sharing how much He has done for me, and how thankful I am for Him! However as time progressed I have moved into more scriptural teachings. Something I am very uncomfortable with, and feel very under qualified for. To think critically about bible verses, and share them with the public is a very scary thought to me. I feel like I haven’t been trained enough for this sort of thing. I don’t feel I know the scriptures well enough to be giving public thought to them. However, I’m doing it because I felt God calling me in that direction. I have been blessed with lots of positive reinforcements from everyone, so I would like to say thank you to you all reading! It means a lot!

Being Good Friday, I want to share, not a Good Friday lesson, but rather a piece of my heart. I want to share two journal entires that comes straight from my heart. Both of these are written a few weeks ago, and are the most comfortable journal entries for me to share. You can see them in the next two posts..



2 thoughts on “Two Journal Entries

  1. Thanks for sharing your journals! It is scary sharing from the heart, but God does such wonderful things through us when we open our hearts! What I find so amazing about our walk with Christ is that he can use us, even if we feel unqualified, even when we have flaws and weaknesses. We serve an amazing God!

    1. No problem! It is very scary! God uses everyone. God doesn’t look at what we see as the qualities needed, but He looks at what He sees as the qualities needed. What we see, and what He sees is completely different. This is seen over and over again throughout the bible! I love God!

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