Looking For a Bible Study Guide

This isn’t a blog post, but more a mere question.

Recently I purchased a self study bible course book off of amazon in hopes of reading the scripture along side this guide. I was looking for something that would ask about the readings causing me to think deeper about it. I received the book today with much excitement, and went to using it right away. I am now largely disappointed with my purchase. It is more of a book to study different topics in the bible to those that are new to the bible. I am going to finish it for good practice though.

Attempting to search again for a book, or probably more likely, a series of books that assistants in reading the bible, asking questions about what you are reading, going from Genesis, all the way to Revelations, I have found no luck. The idea came to me that I should just create my own, but I do not believe I am prepared for such a task.

So my question for those reading this, does anyone know of a good bible study guide? It would be much appreciated!

God Bless!


25 thoughts on “Looking For a Bible Study Guide

  1. Jeff Cavins’ The BibleTimeline:The Story of Salvation… He’s Catholic, though…I don’t know if that makes a difference…Since I had no prior study with the Bible, this one helped me a lot…

  2. Dear Young Man,
    I am new to the Internet, use it for WordPress only; duly happened across your query and, in attempting to leave a comment moments ago, seem to have done something wrong upon hitting the ‘Post Comment’ button. To try once again:

    Should you wish to grow in holiness and humility before God, allow me to suggest that you stay away from any modernist material that promises to make the Bible ‘simple’, or more ‘relevant to your life’. Stay, instead, to the “old paths” which are despised by modern minds.

    Men today have little interest in raising themselves up to standards of holiness; and rather, seek to drag the Word of God down to their level.

    I strongly recommend that you obtain a sound Puritan commentary such as Matthew Henry or Matthew Poole. Have the commentary open next to your Bible, at the applicable texts in which you are reading. A diary in which to log the text of interest for the day, and beneath it, as well as any sentences, related to that text, which appeal to you from the commentary.

    Should you so wish, I shall be most happy to address any questions you might have on sound, dependable literature.

    A few quotations to wish you well:

    “I have heard it often asserted that if you believe that Jesus Christ died for you,
    you will be saved. 
    My dear hearer, do not be deluded by such an idea.  
    You may believe that Jesus died for you …
    That is not saving faith.”   [ Spurgeon ]

    “How many grow proud before they acquire a thorough knowledge of religion; and, confident in the strength of their unfurnished intellects, greedily snatch at every error that is presented to them under the name of truth …” [ Baxter (writing in 1656) The Reformed Pastor, 126 ]

    Then shall ye return, and discern
    between the righteous and the wicked,
    between him that serveth God
    and him that serveth him not. Ma 3.18

    I shall try one more time to send these thoughts to you, and remain,
    Yours sincerely,
    Philip Livingstone

    1. Agreed, I don’t have any interest in material that makes the bible simple and more relevant. Which is why I wasn’t a fan of the book I received. Scripture is ment to be a difficult thing to understand. I do not believe any one (except God) can truly understand all of it.

      Thank you, I will look into both Matthew Henry and Matthew Pole. I am already using a journal along side my bible readings to write anything down that catches my attention.

      Thank you for the offer. If I ever seek answers, I will keep you in mind.

      Thank you for your words of advice. They are very much appreciated!

      Gods Blessings and Peace to you!

  3. I personally believe that you’re not going to get that understanding in just one bible. I suggest you go out and purchase sevral different versions of the bible and this should help you like it’s helping me. I encourage you to continue pursuing the Truth daily b/c this is a part of the mind renewing process and begin to ask the Holy Spirit to bring you understanding of the scriptures, that’s what He’s in us for. Keep it up though brother.

    1. What I am trying to attempt at is an awareness of all parts of the bible. I have learned the best way of learning is by answering questions. Following a study guide isn’t going to give me a deep understanding of the Scripture, but what it will do is help me memorize it (obviously not literally word per word, but more in a general sense). With this memory, I will than be able to more efficiently be able to cross reference material in the bible. I will be able to better see both sides of all the paradoxes in the bible.

      Every day I am asking for the Holy Spirits wisdom, it is a great blessing to ask for such a thing.

      Thanks, God’s Blessings and Peace to you!

  4. One thing that comes to mind is the ESV Study Bible. It is full of TONS of study notes, made primarily by the same ones who did the actual translating, and they are easy reading yet include much study material all built right in. Probably the most thorough non-denominational study Bible out there. I actually have an extra one and if you want it, let me know, it is slightly, but only slightly, used, and genuine leather. Yours if you want it.

    1. I actually do have something I believe that is similar to this. If I understand you right, is this a bible that has both marks to where you can find similar verses to a marked versed over Scripture, as well as a big section from the translators, giving a brief explanation over most of the verses. If so, I do have a couple NIV bibles with that same concept. They are called “Concordia self-study bible”

      1. Sounds good, my only comment would be that NIV is a bit more of a paraprhase or dynamic equivalent while ESV is more literal and done very well. The notes surpass any I have seen as well.

        The person who suggested Jeff Cavins is right on the money as well, his “Bible Timeline” is oriented towards Catholics but good for all, and much of it was developed when he was a non-denominational minister. I have studied under him and he is top in his field.

        Lastly have you thought of Bible software? You can get amazing stuff that gives you the ability to study virtually every book that any of us have suggested here and much more, and with the touch of a button do a search on any word or topic with literally thousands of hits. I used LOGOS and it is good–a bit spendy but worth every penny. Since your dad is such a great guy I am sure he will spring the cash for it hehe. Seriously the website is http://www.logos.com. If you do buy it, please let them know I referred you. So there are some more ideas!

    2. Yeah I know, I would love to just study the bible in its original language.

      I have not thought of software. I didn’t even realize there was software for this. Okay thank you! If I go that route I will most certainly give them your refer!

      Thanks and God Bless

      1. Yes do check it out, they have a wide variety of packages and you can add as you go too. And some that are interlinear Greek and Hebrew or Latin too! Even if you do not buy it now, it will be worth your time to check their pages out.

  5. Josh, you are going to need more than one study Bible so you can compare and contrast.

    1. Agreed. I am just now only looking for something that is going to help me remember everything from the bible easier. Than in the future with re-readings of the bible I will be able to pick out a verse and know all the verses that support it, and contrast it. From there I will start(key word start) being able to compare and contrast.

  6. Hey Joshua,

    I glanced at your post and I have some advice, sorry if this is a little lengthy. It doesn’t regard a source, but how to better your personal study.

    There is a major difference between Knowledge and Revelation. Obviously one such as yourself (if you are like me) has little use for knowledge but a great hunger for revelation, simply because you Love God. The easy answer is that revelation comes from God, but there are specific things you can do become a magnet for revelation.

    #1 Read the Bible. Not study it or memorize it, but just read it. Get it in your head. At least with me, my revelation comes more often in a place of prayer than a place of study. God can’t use a scripture I am not familiar with. Often I will be praying, and The Holy Spirit will bring to my kind my current reading, let’s say Ruth. Then He will tie in something I was reading a while back, like a parable. Then He will bring me to Pauline writing, and so on. Your greatest asset is to know what’s in there. especially Key players like Moses, Jesus, Jacob, Abraham, etc.

    #2 Recognize principles. There are certain principles that act as foundations for your thinking. Teach yourself to recognize important statements that reveal the Kingdom, then apply the, to whatever you read. For example, Jesus said what comes out of a man’s mouth defiles Him. That’s one of mine. So when Inread in Matt. 5, Jesus make a point about calling a man a fool in anger, I see that speaking my anger will defile me, and thus I am in danger of hell fire. Stuff like that.

    #3 Seek Wisdom. It sounds obvious, but it’s necessary. Continually ask God to show Himself to you. Don’t rest, relent, or think that He takes the for granted. Knock until its opened up to you.

    #4 Prayer. When in prayer time, I try to spend a few moments speaking to Jesus about what He is showing me lately, and usually in the dialogue some level of Revelation will come. Often it looks more like worship. Perhaps I will tell Him He is wonderful for such and such commandment or whatever.

    #5 Be you. God has designed you receive revelation in your spacific way. These work for me, but other Inge may work for you. Your relationship with the Holy Spirit is key, because all of this I figured out on my own in Relationship.

    I hope that helped you in someway, and if not… Well so sorry I wasted your time.

    Happy Reading!

    1. Thank you, thank you very much! I have actually started to head down the path you suggested. You are right in thinking I am hungry for revelation. Knowledge is something I search for “like silver” because of my love for the Lord.

      I am actually going to copy down your comment and paste it to somewhere I can access it easily. I very much appreciate it. You seem to be very wise, I can definitely see Him in you.

      God Bless!

  7. Joshua, as you will no doubt know now after reading my post (thanks for visiting and Liking!), I’m finding much in just reading on my own. I like the little study notes at the bottom to send me off cross referencing other verses or explain what a particular Hebrew term means, but for the most part, I do this:

    I empty my mind of anything that anyone has told me before about any of the verses, and I approach it blank, with an open perspective, uncolored by someone else’s interpretation or perspective. If I don’t understand something, I let it go — I still don’t understand physics, and I probably never will — so there’s no obligation to understand everything I read.

    As time goes by, something will happen and a flash or inspiration will strike — Ah! So that’s a possibility of meaning for that verse.

    You are an intelligent person. The Bibles of today have good notes for the translation aspects. Just read. Savor. Ask. Wonder. Let go. Trust.

    Try it. It’s immensely satisfying, and it will take you on ancient, narrow paths that you never knew existed.

    1. That is precisely what I have been doing. Reading the bible as if I have never read it, or heard anything of it before. Being open to any possibility as I go, and than using future and past scripture that I have read to either further prove a new hypothesis or deny a new hypothesis. I’m doing my best to look at scriptures without any outside influence. So far it has been a great experience, I find myself improving the quality of my readings and diving into deeper thoughts about it. Going much deeper than any bible study guide could go.

      No problem on the visit and like, by the way. I know it wasn’t the point of it, but what I got out of it (most), was not to take any ones word in what scripture says and means, but instead search in scripture yourself and discover “the real thing, the real God, the real Father.”

      Thank you so much for the comment and suggestion! It is appreciated!

      God Bless!
      Joshua J. Huffman

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