My Hero: Dad, and How God Changed His Plans

This morning I realized how great my dad is and how much the Lord is using him and has guided his path to the point at which  he is today. It truly has been a God directed path. It comes to show that we can male plans for ourself, but if God has something else planned, He will put us on His path, and in the end we will be enjoying Gods plans for us much more than our own. I do not know all of my dads story, and I have some details wrong I am sure, but I would like to share it to the best of my ability. To me it is really encouraging and helps me realize that God is going to put in my way His path.

(Warning I did try to shrink the story as much as I could so there is missing details, but it still got pretty lengthly)

For most of my life, I remember my family having more money than what we knew what to do with. As a child my dad worked a factory job, working much over time. Every weekend we would go and camp out on the river on an island. We started off with just a regular boat and a jet-ski(See-doo), but quickly upgraded the small boat to one of those larger two story boats with compete living quarters. We did this for many years until my dad bought my mom season tickets to the Vikings. That took over about the next 8 years of our life.

So as my dad was working his job at the factory, he bought a few houses, to rent out. Eventually we moved into one of the houses. At that time my sister and I rarely ever saw my dad because he was either working or sleeping. He was still making lots of money, and spoiling us just as much. Eventually one of his buddies started training him in the flooring business, and I believe my dad picked that up pretty quickly. I remember often hearing about how his buddy was working in some major league baseball pitchers vacation home up in Wisconsin. My dad eventually quit his job at the factory into the flooring business. The reasons, I am unsure about. I would assume with him and I being so much alike, that he switched because telling someone you work flooring sounds better than than telling someone you work factory (him and I often put our images in some kind of importance), for a chance to work in some famous persons home, and to have more time with the family.

He worked flooring for  a few years, not making quite the same amount of money as before, but still plenty enough. After a few years he owned his own flooring company. There was a company in town and the owner was looking to get out of business, and he wanted my dad to be his predecessor. My dad took it after much training. By this time we owned about 8 houses, and moved out into the country. We only lived out there and moved back into the city. We moved into what I thought, and still think, was the best house ever! After my dad had completely re-floored most of it, and redone the bathrooms, there was no house I would have rather lived in. I thought life was perfect. At this time I believe we had sold a few houses, but we owned 6 horses and houses them out in the country only a few miles from where we lived. It was all beautiful, so we thought, but God wasn’t completely in our lived yet. At this time I was in the 6-7th grade.

Back to my dads original buddy that got him into the flooring business. He lived about 6 hours away in Northern WI/MI. My dad and him had come up with a plan to make a lot of money. We were going to move to Cocoa Beach Florida and start up a flooring business down there. Apparently there was a heavy need for floorist down there, and they paid big money! This got them excited, and they had everything planned out. They had already talked to real estate agents and knew where we were going to live. We just need a little bit more cash.

My dad discovered that if we would move up north with his buddy, he would be so busy in tile work (there was a very heavy need for it) that we would make enough money in one year to have enough to move to Florida! That was there goal! My 8th grade year we moved up north. With only a month and a half into it, my dad destroyed his back! He couldn’t work the flooring business any longer, at least not to the extent at which he did. This completely ruined all our plans. My dad than got a job up there doing his love though, being an IT guy. The money was very cheap. Never in my life had we been this poor, it was at this point though that I started feeling closer to God.

My the time the school year was down, my dads company was moving to Mexico and we had no intrest in going there. So the company gave my dad something to allow him to free years of schooling and unemployment for the next few years. At this point my dad was excited! He had never been to college (never needed to, he made to much money at that time). We ended up moving back to my hometown. Luckily my parents didn’t sell all of our houses. They had kept just one of them, the first one we had lived in. They kept it out of a deep stomach vibe.

At this point I started high school, and my dad just started his first year of college. My dad was going to college for IT Networking degree. He was super excited to get into computers as a real job instead of just a hobby. Two years had passed and he got his degree, on the deans list non the less. Now time to find his computer job! He couldn’t find jack! At that time I was dating my pastors daughter. He offered my dad a job. My dad was now head of maintenance and repair and St. Martins Lutheran Church and School. At first I believe he was a little tentative about it, especially since it had nothing to do with what he just went to school for, but he took it because it was a job. He fell in love the second the school year started. The children. They were just as big of a blessing to him, as he was to them! This was the beginning of God’s plan for my father . He became extremely close to all of the children, ended up being a coach for several of the sports teams, and he became head of the youth group. My high school, Hope Lutheran High School, was located in the same building as St. Martins School. My dad became heavily involved with them, helping coach soccer, and in charge of all of Hopes computers. Soon he was volunteering almost close to 40 hours with them, almost as much many paid hours he worked.

Over the years it became tough with my dad because of management issues. He didn’t complain a whole though, because it was worth every little bit of it, to be so involved in the youths lives. At this point he was making very little money, but it made no difference. After about 4 years though, they Church board decided to cut my dads postion from the budget without warning around the Christmas season. It was very tough on both my dad and mom. My dad received  a lot of letters from the children of the school telling them how much he has impacted their lives. It was truly inspiring. He didn’t really know what to do now. He knew he wanted to be with children and he also wanted to take advantage of his degree in IT management. He looked and applied for many jobs for the rest of the school year and all throughout the summer. During this time he picked up s few side floor jobs, and actually made way more money doing that, than at the school, but he knew that flooring wasn’t for him anymore.

At the end of summer after much looking and so much stress and confusion with the Lord (and this is just an understatement), my dad found his perfect job. He became head of IT Computer management of the entire school district of a town close to ours. Before my dad took that job there, they never had that position. It was created just in time for my dad. My dad is now doing what he went to school for, and more importantly he is touching the lives of an entire school district. He often likes to say that his job, is the perfect job in the world. He wouldn’t trade it for any other!

I love thinking about my dads story for a few reasons. One, it really helps me see God’s plan for us in a full perspective. We may have plans for ourself, but sometimes God likes to step in and change it, and give us what we really want, and puts us in positions to serve Him best. Two, there are going to be times in our life that we are just going to have those “Why God?” moments. Those times in our lives where we feel like everything is fallen apart and nothing can go right. We just have to realize that God has a plan, and those tough moments are just important steps into the right direction. The impossible times in our lives aren’t speed bumps, but rather a shot of nitrous pushing us in the right direction. Three, I love my dad and everything he has done! I want to be just like him! He has taught me many valuable things in life that I will never forget. I see God working through him everyday, and it makes me proud to call him my father.

(Dad, I am sure you will read this (which kind of makes this awkward). If you don’t,  I will be very surprised! I’m pretty sure I have seen your IP adress come across my blog a few times. I just want to say thanks, and that the Lord is using you in more ways than you can imagine! This is a lot better than Florida huh? lol. I also would suggest to you to write the story from your point of view. It’s worth sharing.)

Proverbs 19:21

Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.

Romans 8:28

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

Memory Verse of the Week:

Romans 8:28

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.


7 thoughts on “My Hero: Dad, and How God Changed His Plans

  1. Thanks for sharing you story! It is amazing to see how God works. My dad is also my hero. My dad came to the U.S. from Lebanon when he was a teen, and now he is a small business owner. God is good!

  2. Joshua I know you know this. You honor the Lord when you honor your parents…I love this. Thanks for sharing your dad’s journey and your love for him. (I Think I will call mine today and tell him thanks!)

  3. Thanks Joshua for sharing this story. I grew up without a father and I know that having one in the home is so important. Respecting and honoring him shows your love for your Father in heaven as well. Proverbs 19:21 was/is an excellent verse to close your story. Your writings are more inspiring all the time. Many blessings!

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