God Fills Our Empty Voids

It’s sad to say that we have lost another famous celebrity to drugs, Whitney Houston. Some other famous people who have died from either drug or alcohol abuse includes Marilyn Monroe, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, Health Ledger, Chris Farley, River Phoenix,  Kurk Cobain, Hank Williams, and this is just the beginning of the list. These people had all the money and fame a person could ask for, but yet they didn’t have happiness. They looked for happiness in the wrong places, and get themselves killed because of it. Why do we so often think to ourselves, if only I had a little more money, power, respect, fame and so on, I would be so much happier. We all to often look to earthly things to satisfy our needs, but it never is truly enough. We always want more, the more we have, the hungrier we get, never satisfied. Eventually it kills us. Yes, this is taken to the extreme but it is to prove the point, that our earthly desires will never be able to truly satisfy us.

If you have time, I suggest you watch this ten minute video found at the link below.


-Click on Brian Welch

In this video Brain speaks about he had all the money in the world, but he was never satisfied. He tried to fill his void with drugs, but it was never enough. It just brought him back to needing to have more and more, it controlled his life and ruined his relationships. As quoted toward Tony Stark(Iron Man) by Doctor Yinsen “So you’re a man who has everything, but nothing.” The same could be applied to Brain. He had everything we dream of in the world, but yet nothing. A big empty gap in his heart. Until that is, he found Jesus. As cliche as it wounds, Jesus is all we need. The reason why there is such a big empty void in so many peoples heart is because we truly need Jesus. He is also the only thing big enough to fill this void. Unfortunately, those who don’t know Jesus, go out looking in the wrong places to fill this void and fill it with all the wrong stuff. And since this stuff can never satisfy the void, we never become happy. I shouldn’t just accuse those not knowing Jesus of this, even those who have a strong staining relationship with Jesus all to often try to fill our heart with earthly desires that tear us away from Jesus. God is the only one that can fill our hearts. He can take away our pain. He can stop our addictions. God is enough.

Memory Verse of the Week:
1 Timothy 4:12

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.


6 thoughts on “God Fills Our Empty Voids

    1. Well I do believe that, but I am not entirely saying that. All I am trying to say is we often try to fill the void in our heart with the wrong stuff, and this wrong stuff keeps us coming back for more. It can never truly satisfy you.

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