The Jesus Thought

This morning I woke up with an amazing picture in my mind. The thought was I had found Jesus after He rose from the dead, with some blood stain still on Him. The moment I see Him I started sprinting to Him, and He ran to me. When we met I was freaking out just telling Him all my problems, but He told me “Stop Josh. I am here. I will carry you through.” and than He hugged me. Jesus the man who died because of me, just hugged me and told me it’s alright! That whole thought just really wowed me, comforted me and has helped me a lot this morning. I love knowing that Jesus is always there for me. Knowing that Jesus has faced all the problems of this world and that He can help me. I really enjoy the fact that Jesus tells us to bring our problems to Him and He will comfort us.

Matthew 11:28

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

Something I realized a little later in the day about the thought I had this morning is, I ran to Jesus after He rose from the dead and told Him my problems. It made me think that Jesus had just risen from my biggest problem, and that is death. That He just got done saving me from Hell and all of my sins. So no matter how hard life is going to get, in the end I will get to enjoy eternity with Him in Heaven. That thought really helps me through anything. Knowing that Jesus has given my free eternity with Heaven. Nothing gets me more excited than that thought!


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