Daily Miracles

We often like to think to ourselves I wish Jesus was here to preform miracles for us. I was thinking of some of the miracles that is in my life, that I often take for granted.

Doctors – Giving us the miracle of healing. Keeping us free from dieses.

Glasses – The miracle of sight

Hearing Aids – The Miracle of sound

Holy Spirit –  What can’t it do

Airplanes – Giving us the miracle of flight

Cars – Giving us the gift of transportation

Cops/Fireman – The gift of protection from danger

USA – The gift of freedom of religion

Family – The gift of loved ones, of people who look out and care for you.

Grocery Stores, Jobs, Clothing, Homes, Comfortable life, School, Water, Technology

This list could go on and on forever. Take time to think yourself of all the miracles He puts through out your life that you don’t even realize. The Lord has really blessed us, and we often just forgot about it and ignore it. That’s all that is on my mind tonight.


What's on your mind?

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